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The BG mandatory contributions are a cost factor for con- tractors alone due to their amount and have a direct influence on the company’s success. With all reasonable protection of the employees, the question is entitled as to if the entrepreneur pays the correct contributions or if a financial competition disadvantage arises for them. The BG contributions are a number from a “black box” for many, which must be examined and secured from an entrepreneurial view.

recost GmbH starts at exactly this point from an entrepreneurial view and helps where people cannot make progress without help. The special offer from recost GmbH is strictly dependent on success and clearly distances itself from the expensive fees of other Consultings.

If BG costs are saved, the affiliated expenses must pay immediately and during the year for the entrepreneurs.

The recost GmbH offers you exactly these benefits. Here you will receive objective and independent consultation about all of your possibilities and your affiliated leeway.

The recost GmbH bears their own project costs. You will not receive invoices billed for daily rates, expenses, overnight accommodations or travel costs. Thus, this project bears no risk for you.

What you get is a founded analysis connected with suggestions and a detailed plan of the approach.

At any point in time, you have control of the project, because you decide and recost works.

The result must fulfill the following criteria:

  • Reach a mutual solution with BG, which must have very high acceptance and commitment on behalf of BG
  • The measures must immediately affect the income statement
  • Legal certainty in the defined framework
  • System-compliant with the rules, regulations and guidelines of the employers’ liability insurance association.
  • Speed connected with the minimal required use of in-house resources

“These points can only be implemented through a clearly planned procedure connected with a good concept and the required expert knowledge. A goal-oriented and structured project schedule is natural for us here. Depending on the company size, corporate structure and the number of sub- sidiaries, the concept will be created within a few months with the required documentation and implemented with the employers’ liability insurance association.“